Talentouch-HRMS consists of a suite of base modules, offering a wide range of functionality from HRIS to Separation. Talentouch-HRMS is designed in a manner that allows our clients to basic Employee life cycle management. It facilitates the recording of Employeepersonal details, Time and leave management, Pay Roll management and HR Help desk activities.
Talentouch-HRMS Modules:

HRIS Module :Human Resources information system module is designed to capture all the personal details of Employees including addresses, Contacts, Education, Experience, Job Data, Nominations, Blood group, Family members, Salary history etc. No. of reports are also available for HR analysis.

Time & Leave Management module: is designed to handle all the requirements of attendance, leaves, holidays, shifts and overtime aspects in a systematic and easier way. Talentouch-HRMS software makes an advantage of reduction in time taking and complex day- to- day tasks. Leave Management which encompasses the processes of Employees use to request Leave/ Out Pass / On Duty from work and supervisors use to recommend / approve / Reject leave based on organization policies. All types of leave also can be configured. The following are the major features of this module.

Payroll Module:On the basis of attendance we can calculate salary of all employees in an organization and the following features are provided:

Training Module:  Training module is designed to capture Employee training records including internal / External  and Feedback process etc.

Employee Self Service:The module is designed to make employee more comfortable while in his duty or off duty.  The following are the major Employee services are available.

Other Features:

Major Advantages of Talentouch-HRMS:

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