Innovative format of Talent acquisition!
Organizations are ready to invest more for the right talent and the challenge of attracting the right candidates to fill vacancies as per the job market demand, needs professional approach while identifying the right talents.  Organizations are investing in the services of professional recruiters to find the candidates for them.To address the challenge, Talentouch has come with an innovative format of Talent acquisition i.e Talent Associate.

Talentouch is providing an opportunity to enthusiastic and hardworking Recruiters to become talent Associates and eventually business partners. Taking an advantage of information technology, Freelance Recruiters / HR Professionals/ Professionals on Maternity leave /Software professionals during their leisure time can work on their own from home and earn the lion’s share of the income generated. The working from Home option offers you a safer alternative to start your own business and allows flexibility and creativity of a smaller business.
At Talentouch:  Talent Associate can

What do we offer?
Talentouch has designed a trainingprogramme to train and make competent recruiters to become successful entrepreneurs of this kind of business. This training will include how to win and execute assignments and how to fill the vacancies very easily by using of SMART FIT method, which is developed by Talentouch.
Talentouch takes care of back office functions such as agreements with clients, invoicing / billing, and collection so that Talent Associate can concentrate on business and family life.

Talentouch facilitation Services to Talent Associate:

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