Talentouchprovides end-to-end HR outsourcing solutions for small and mid-sized organizations across industriesto increase Employee value proposition (EVP) and execute HR processes efficiently, benchmark performance against best-in-class metrics and achieve critical business objectives through successful talent and functional strategies. In this value-added service offering, Talentouch also provides the guidance and tools that enable HR functional leaders and managers to overcome common challenges, improve their human resources productivity and drive the organization's performance.This could include anything from being the outsourced HR department to start-ups, for managing their entire HR requirements from outside or working closely with our client’s management to implement an organization-wide change management exercise. By outsourcing these functions, organization minimize their risk by having stable & industry best HR practices at optimal cost and also enables HR leaders to accelerate HR initiatives, plan & drive results, Employee engagement and business performance activities.

Why companies Outsource HR Process?

The following are the major reasons that companies outsource HR.

  1. To save money
  2. To focus more on strategy and less administrative tasks
  3. To minimize risk of non-compliance.
  4. To make the processes more accurate
  5. To have access to big data that can help strategic business decisions.

Major Benefits of HR Process Outsourcing:

Being a small / medium business entrepreneur / proprietor will have many challenges. The perception of handling of your Employee attendance system, Leave management, Payroll, Statutory compliance and other HR processes would be cheaper to do yourself.  But this consumes lot of your time and dedicated manpower is of no value.  It is very difficult to justify the costs of HR processes such as Time &Leave Management, Payroll, Employee insurance benefits, Statutory and regulatory compliance to Small / Medium businesses (10 to 200 employees).

  1. If you outsource HR process, you can save time and the saved time can be utilized for core activities of your business or profit making activities.
  2.  You will get an efficient and effective service for lesser money and investing on raw resources not required.
  3. You need not worry to lose key employees to handle such specialized tasks.
  4. 100% accuracy can be achieved and rework can be minimized through HR Process outsourcing.
  5. You can control HR cost by outsourcing Payroll / Statutory compliance / Time management activities etc.
  6. For a small business with 100 employees, having dedicated HR Resource and losing of such key person costs a lot.  Talentouch‘s 360° HR Service arrangement eases the burden of  you,  of  acquiring talents, training and maintaining your HR processes without any interruption by  highly experienced HR professionals who can work with you.
  7. For a Medium enterprises with 200- 300 Employees, your HR person can focus more on strategic HR issues while relying on Talentouch to take care of routine  HR duties. It’s like engaging an assistant – one that comes with years of experience and works quickly and accurately.

Customized smart service to HR life cycle management:

Our consultants can customize your HR process based on your requirement.  The following are some of the customized outsourcing HR processes.

Let Talentouch save your company money, time, and put some conveniences back into you  and discuss customizable HR Process outsourcing with our team at Talentouch. Call us at  9177922238 or Request a proposal and our  team  will follow up with you.